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You deserve to have the right space for your business – without the chaos and runaround.

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Paving Your Path to the Perfect Space

Right Space Commercial isn’t your typical commercial real estate crew. We’re here to link up your business with the perfect spot, focusing on offices, warehouses, and a bit of retail to boot. Born from a blend of expertise and a hefty dose of passion, we’re all about making sure your business not only fits snugly in its new space but has room to stretch and grow too. Think of us as the folks who help turn your business dreams into real, tangible places.

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Our Journey to Your Perfect Space

Our story kicks off in 2006 with Richard Henry, fresh out of Auburn University, diving headfirst into the world of bricks and mortar. 

RightSpace Commercial, originally dubbed Druid City Properties, started small—buying properties, sprucing them up, and leasing them out. Around this time, we began expanding our reach. 

By 2012, we were deep into brokerage, making leasing less of a headache for everyone involved. Fast forward to 2018, and we were managing properties for others, not just our own. 

Mobile, AL got a taste of us in 2020, and we hit Birmingham the next year. 2022 was when we decided to hone in on what we do best: offices, warehouses, and some choice retail spots. 

2023 brought a new chapter and a new name—RightSpace Commercial—crystalizing our mission to help businesses find their perfect space to soar.

RightSpace Mission & Vision

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Our Mission in Life

When it comes to property, we find it, fix it, and fill it – so that businesses can thrive.

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Our Vision for the Future

To engineer positive and efficient change in the marketplace by maximizing the value of underutilized properties.

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Our Clients

Brands That Trust Us

Through the years, we’ve had the chance to work with a diverse bunch of businesses, spanning various industries. Think cozy cafes, innovative tech startups, professional service firms, and more. 

Each one has its unique story and space needs, and we’ve been right there, helping them find just the right spot. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, we’re here to help you find a space that fits just right.