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Check out our lineup of spaces ready for you to make your mark. From trendy retail locations, and cozy offices to spacious warehouses, find the space where your business will thrive. Your next business adventure begins here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re confused about anything, reach out to us immediately. We’re always happy to help!

All About Commercial Leases: What Are My Options?

NNN Lease: You cover your bit of taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

Gross Lease: One payment covers it all, but utilities are usually extra.

Full Service Lease: Often in multi-tenant offices, where everything, including utilities, is bundled into your payment.

What's a Triple Net (NNN) Lease with CAM?

It means you’re paying for your share of the building’s overall costs like taxes, insurance, and common area upkeep, plus utilities.

How Do I Lease a Commercial Space?

Start with a broker, pick your favorites based on what you need, take a look, throw in an LOI or application, and then negotiate your heart out.

Letter of Intent (LOI): What's That?

Think of it as your lease wish list: it outlines what you want, where, when, and for how much, but it’s not set in stone.

See Something You Like?

If a spot has caught your eye or if you just want to chat about options, we're all ears. Reach out now and let’s chat about making one of these spaces yours. Your business's future home awaits—let's get you in there.