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Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to Your Commercial Real Estate Questions

What's Commercial Real Estate Anyway?

It’s all about spaces for businesses to do their thing—shops, offices, you name it.

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to Find My Business Space?

Nope, you don’t have to have one, but they know the ins and outs and can make the hunt easier.

What Should I Look for in a Commercial Space?

Think location, the layout that suits your biz, cool features, easy access, and how visible you’ll be.

How Do I Get the Best Deal on a Commercial Lease?

Check out the space, chat about changes you want, talk lease lengths, and put it all in a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Finding the Perfect Commercial Space: Any Tips?

Start with an online search in your area or get a Commercial Real Estate pro on your side.

What's the Going Rate for Office Space?

Office space averages about $21.50 per sq. ft., and industrial space is around $8. Extras like maintenance and utilities might be on top.

How's Monthly Rent for Office Space Worked Out?

Take the total square footage, multiply by the cost per square foot per year, and divide by 12 for your monthly rate.

And Monthly Rent for Warehouse Space?

Same deal as office space: square footage times cost per square foot per year, then divide by 12 for the monthly scoop.

Renting vs. Leasing: What's the Difference?

“Renting” usually means homes and apartments, while “leasing” is for the commercial space club.

What's a Real Estate Broker Doing For Me?

They’re your guide, the middleman with the know-how who helps negotiate your lease on the best terms.

All About Commercial Leases: What Are My Options?

NNN Lease: You cover your bit of taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

     Gross Lease: One payment covers it all, but utilities are usually extra.

     Full Service Lease: Often in multi-tenant offices, where everything, including utilities, is bundled into your payment.

What's a Triple Net (NNN) Lease with CAM?

It means you’re paying for your share of the building’s overall costs like taxes, insurance, and common area upkeep, plus utilities.

How Do I Lease a Commercial Space?

Start with a broker, pick your faves based on what you need, take a look, throw in an LOI or application, and then negotiate your heart out.

Letter of Intent (LOI): What's That?

Think of it as your lease wishlist: it outlines what you want, where, when, and for how much, but it’s not set in stone.

Navigating Commercial Leases

Making the Right Decisions in Leasing Commercial Space

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